Poorvakarma/ Preliminary Treatments
1. Snehana karma

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It is lubrication of the body, internally & externally, by oil, ghee etc. Internal snehana is called snehapana, in case of skin disease, infertility, and arthritis. We give ghee or oil to drink in the morning in empty stomach. This is itself a treatment or preliminary to purification. External snehana is in the form of;

1. Aabhyanga - Dipping the cotton ball in the oil & keeping it over the affected area.

2. Pichu - Pichu is a palliative treatment for ailments of the head and spine. It is an authentic traditional treatment for relieving stress and stiffness in joints or back.

3. Akshitarpana - Keeping the medicated ghee around the eyes with the help of black gram ring.

4. Kati basti - Keeping the oil in lower back in case of lumbar spondilosis.

5. Greevabasti - Over the neck area in case of cervical spondylitis.

6. Shirobasti - Over the head in case of facial palsy, trigeminal nueralgia etc.

2. Svedana karma

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The verbal meaning is inducing sweating. There are different methods adopted according to the constitution of the person, type of disease etc.

1. At Sanjeevini, we do Bhashpasveda, as preliminary for panchakarma & also as a treatment for weight reduction, body ache, muscle spasm, backache etc. In this type of svedana sweating is induced by the vapors of boiling decoction of herbs.

2. Avagahasveda means sitting in a tub of warm kashaya, oil , partially or full body

3. Nadisveda - creating heat locally with the help of a tube, from boiling decoction

4. Our specialty is Pindasveda making the ball of medicine in a cloth (herbal leaves like castor, tamarind etc, or powdered horse gram, black gram, sesame seeds etc, or special rice grown in 60 days and cooked in milk & herbal kashaya), heating it regularly in iron vessel, giving fomentation & massage. It is very effective in all pains due to different pathology, muscle dystrophy (muscle wasting), weakness of the muscle & nerves.

5. Parishekasveda means sprinkling of kashaya or oil over the affected area

6. Dhara - pouring of warm oil or decoction over the body (Sarvangadhara) or over the head (Shirodhara).

Svedana karma is always preceded by Snehana karma.

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