Panchakarma / Pradhana karma / Detoxification Treatments

1. Vamana:

Once the toxins in the form of vitiated doshas comes to the abdomen we give medicine like madanaphala, vacha, yastimadhu to induce vomiting. Vamana is mainly indicated in Kapha disorders, skin disease.

2. Virechana:

Inducing loose stools to expel vitiated pitta or toxins from middle part of the body by administering castor oil etc. Virechana is beneficial in headache, gout, skin problems.

3. Basti:

Introducing medicine through the anal orifice and curing the disease is another speciality treament in Ayurveda. It is both palliative and purificatory treatment. In case of vata disorders it is very effective. There are 2 types -

  • a. Anuvasanabasti : introducing oils/ ghee
  • b. Niruhabasti :administering decoctions
It helps to strengthen pelvic organs. When we introduce medicine through anus, it is directly absorbed to spinal cord through cauda equina (horse tail shaped end branching of spinal cord). If we compare the body to a tree, brain is the upper portion; cauda equina is the root, so by basti, medicines are directly absorbed to the nervous system.

4. Nasya:

Door to the brain is through the nose, so we pour medicine through the nostril to eliminate toxins from head and also to strengthen sensory organs. It is useful in migraine and other types of headache, stiff neck, spondilytis, frozen shoulder, Bellís palsy etc.

5. Rakthamokshana:

When there is impurities in the blood we allow the non poisonous leech to suck the blood, as in case of skin disease, non-healing ulcer, varicose veins etc. The leech sucks impure blood and when it starts to suck pure blood, that skin area starts itching. Then we remove the leech.

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